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Over the years I have read a stack of books on servlets, JSP, and Java web applications, and many more on Java and the craft of programming in general. On this page I'm collecting details and links to appropriate books. To help you find out more about these books, I've collected links to, , and Barnes and Noble so you can read about each book and see what other readers had to say about it.

I'm in the process of adding some of my own comments, in cases where I have personally read the book, and I'm more than happy to continue adding reviews or suggestions from anyone. Check back here from time to time as I add more, or contact me by email.

Mixed Topic Books
Kurniawan B Java for the Web with Servlets, JSP, and EJB: A Developer's Guide to J2EE Solutions New Riders, 2002 (ISBN 073571195X) USA UK BN
cover This is a big and heavy book, but it needs to be to cover the scope of servlets, JSP and EJB in a practical and detailled way, It includes a lot of real code listings for practical projects. The downside with wide-scope books is that sometimes individual areas get less attention than they might in a more specific book. To some degree that's true for the EJB material in this book. What the book covers well is getting all the various server-side Java APIS to work together. If you want an in-depth treatment of EJB you are much better off getting one of the more focussed EJB books. This book covers Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2, and some of EJB 2.0.

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Falkner J, Jones K Servlets and JSP: The J2EE Web Tier Addison Wesley, 2003 (ISBN 0321136497) USA UK BN
Hall M, Brown L Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, Vol. 1: Core Technologies, Second Edition, Prentice Hall, 2003 (ISBN 0130092290) USA UK BN
Murach J, Steelman A Murach's Java Servlets and JSP Murach, 2003 (ISBN 1890774189) USA UK BN
Hall M More Servlets and JavaServer Pages Pearson, 2001 (ISBN 0130676144) USA UK BN
Jorelid L J2EE FrontEnd Technologies: A Programmer's Guide to Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and JavaBeans APress, 2001 (ISBN 1893115968) USA UK BN
Harms D JSP, Servlets, and MySQL Wiley, 2001 (ISBN 0764547879) USA UK BN
Brogden W Java Developer's Guide to Servlets and JSP Sybex, 2000 (ISBN 0782128092) USA UK BN
Wutka M Special Edition Using Java Server Pages and Servlets Pearson, 2000 (ISBN 0789724413) USA UK BN
Perry B Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook O'Reilly, not yet available (ISBN 0596005725) USA UK BN
Servlet Books
Hunter J & Crawford W Java Servlet Programming (2ed), O'Reilly, 2001 (ISBN 0596000405) USA UK BN
cover Back in the early days of the first servlet APIs, the first edition of this book was a major event. Jason Hunter and William Crawford combed the cryptic specification into something really useful, with real examples and even an associated library of free source code to add commonly needed extras and work around bugs and wierdness. Pretty much everyone who claimed to be know servlets had a copy. The first edition grew obsolescent, but the second edition breathed new life into the title by covering version 2.3 of the servlet API. I still have a copy on my shelf, and I still refer to it from time to time.

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Moss K Java Servlets(tm) Developer's Guide McGraw-Hill, 2002 (ISBN 007222262X) USA UK BN
Harbourne-Thomas A Professional Java Servlets 2.3 Wrox, 2002 (ISBN 186100561X) USA UK BN
Rajagopalan S Java Servlet Programming Bible Wiley, 2002(ISBN 0764548395) USA UK BN
Callaway D Inside Servlets: Server-Side Programming for the Java(TM) Platform (2nd Edition) Pearson, 2001 (ISBN 0201709066) USA UK BN
Genender J Enterprise Java(tm) Servlets Pearson, 2001 (ISBN 020170921X) USA UK BN
Goodwill J, Morgan B, Mehta S Developing Java Servlets (2nd Edition) Pearson, 2001 (ISBN 0672321076) USA UK BN
Rossbach P, Schreiber H Java(TM) Server and Servlets: Building Portable Web Applications Pearson, 2000 (ISBN 0201674912) USA UK BN
Hanna P Instant Java Servlets McGraw-Hill, 2000 (ISBN 0072124253) USA UK BN
Cook J WAP Servlets: Developing Dynamic Web Content With Java and WML Wiley, 2000 (ISBN 047139307X) USA UK BN
Williamson A Java Servlets by Example Manning, 1999 (ISBN 188477766X) USA UK BN
Moss K Java Servlets (Enterprise Computing) McGraw-Hill 1999 (ISBN 0071351884) USA UK BN
Goodwill J Developing Java Servlets Macmillan, 1999 (ISBN 0672316005) USA UK BN
Moss K Java Servlets McGraw-Hill, 1998 (ISBN 0079137792) USA UK BN
Williamson A, Moran C Java Database Programming : Servlets and JDBC Pearson, 1997 (ISBN 0071351884) USA UK BN
JSP Books
Brunner R Jsp: Practical Guide for Java Programmers Morgan Kaufman, 2003 (ISBN 1558608362) USA UK BN
cover This is a slim and easy to read book which covers JSP 2.0 in just about the right amount of detail to get a competent Java programmer up to speed quickly and effectively. As well as JSP there is a also a very brief and shallow introduction to a few other associated technologies: servlets, CSS etc.

The writing style is polished and comfortable, but a worrying number of typos and other errata have slipped through the editing process, in particular in the first part of the book. I suggest it would be a good idea to check the associated web site before relying on the printed code and configuration examples. I'm also uneasy about the choice of example application used as a case study throughout the book. While everyone is likely to understand the idea of a bank, the examples given neither make a very convincing bank, nor make particularly good use of JSP technology.

This book will be useful for anyone starting work on a web application project which makes use of JSP 2.0, but who doesn't want to wade through the specification documents. If your project still runs on an older version, this book will only be frustrating, but it might just tempt you to upgrade.

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Wrox Author Team Beginning Jsp 2.0: Build Web Applications Using Jsp, Java, And Struts Wrox, 2003 (ISBN 1861008317) USA UK BN
Pekowsky L JavaServer Pages 2ed Addison Wesley, 2003 (ISBN 0321150791) USA UK BN
Brown S, Dalton S, Jepp D, Johnson D, Li S, Raible M Pro JSP, Third Edition APress, 2003 (ISBN 1590592255) USA UK BN
Todd N, Szolkowski M JavaServer Pages Developer's Handbook Pearson, 2003 (ISBN 0672324385) USA UK BN
Geary D Core JSTL: Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library Prentice Hall, 2002 (ISBN 0131001531) USA UK BN
Bayern S JSTL in Action Manning, 2002 (ISBN 1930110529) USA UK BN
Turner J MySQL and JSP Web Applications: Data-Driven Programming Using Tomcat and MySQL Pearson, 2002 (ISBN 0672323095) USA UK BN
Brown S Professional JSP Tag Libraries Wrox, 2002 (ISBN 1861006217) USA UK BN
Bergsten H JavaServer Pages, Second Edition O'Reilly, 2002 (ISBN 059600317X) USA UK BN
Kochmer C, Frandsen E JSP(TM) and XML: Integrating XML and Web Services in Your JSP Application Pearson, 2002 (ISBN 0672323540) USA UK BN
Hanna P JSP 2.0: The Complete Reference McGraw-Hill 2002 (ISBN 0072224371) USA UK BN
Ganguli M Making Use of JSP Wiley, 2002 (ISBN 0471219746) USA UK BN
Schachor G, Chace A, Rydin M JSP Tag Libraries, Manning, 2001 (ISBN 193011009X) USA UK BN
Geary D Advanced JavaServer Pages Pearson, 2001 (ISBN 0201674912) USA UK BN
Burd B JSP: JavaServer Pages Wiley, 2001 (ISBN 0764535358) USA UK BN
Hanna P JSP: The Complete Reference McGraw-Hill 2001 (ISBN 0072127686) USA UK BN
Falkner J Beginning JSP Web Development Wrox, 2001 (ISBN 1861002092) USA UK BN
Hougland D, Tavistock A Essential JSP for Web Professionals Pearson, 2001 (ISBN 0130649414) USA UK BN
Natarajan B JSP: A Beginner's Guide McGraw-Hill, 2001 (ISBN 0072133198) USA UK BN
Whitehead P JavaServer Pages: Your Visual Blueprint to Designing Dynamic Content with JSP Wiley, 2001 (ISBN 0764535420) USA UK BN
Duffey K Professional JSP Site Design Wrox, 2001 (ISBN 1861005512) USA UK BN
Bergsten H, Eckstein B JavaServer Pages Pocket Reference O'Reilly, 2001 (ISBN 0596002319) USA UK BN
Kawaller, G JSP Weekend Crash Course Wiley, 2001 (ISBN 0764547968) USA UK BN
Fields D, Kolb M Web Development with Java Server Pages Manning, 2000 (ISBN 1884777996) USA UK BN
Goodwill J Pure JSP: Java Server Pages Pearson, 2000 (ISBN 0672319020) USA UK BN
Stirling S Java Server Pages Application Development Sams, 2000 (ISBN 067231939X) USA UK BN
Annunziato J Sams Teach Yourself JavaServer Pages in 24 Hours Pearson, 2000 (ISBN 0672320231) USA UK BN
Books about particular Servlet Containers
Brittain J, Darwin I Tomcat: The Definitive Guide O'Reilly, 2003 (ISBN 0596003188) USA UK BN
Wiggers C Professional Apache Tomcat Wrox, 2003 (ISBN 0764543725) USA UK BN
Harrison P, McFarland I Mastering Tomcat Development Wiley, 2002 (ISBN 0471237647) USA UK BN
Bond M, Law D Tomcat Kick Start Sams, 2002 (ISBN 0672324393) USA UK BN
Zuffoletto J, Wells, G, Gill, B, Schneider G, Tucker, B, Helton, R, Madrid M, Makhijani S BEA Weblogic(R) Server Bible Wiley, 2002 (ISBN 0764548549) USA UK BN
Ben-Natan R, Sasson O IBM(R) Websphere(R) Application Server: The Complete Reference McGraw-Hill, 2002 (ISBN 0072223944) USA UK BN
IBM Redbooks Design and Implement Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs for IBM WebSphere Application Server IBM, 2000 (ISBN 0738418846) USA UK BN
Struts and Other Frameworks Books
Carnell J, Linwood J, Zawadzki M Professional Struts Applications: Building Web Sites With Struts, Object-Relational Bridge, Lucene, and Velocity APress, 2003 (ISBN 1590592557) USA UK BN
Cavaness C Programming Jakarta Struts O'Reilly, 2002 (ISBN 0596003285) USA UK BN
Spielman S The Struts Framework: Practical Guide for Programmers Morgan Kaufmann, 2002 (ISBN 1558608621) USA UK BN
Husted T, Dumoulin C, Franciscus G, Winterfeldt D, McClanahan C Struts in Action: Building Web Applications with the Leading Java Framework Manning, 2002 (ISBN 1930110502) USA UK BN
Turner J, Bedell K Struts Kick Start Sams, 2002 (ISBN 0672324725) USA UK BN
Goodwill J Mastering Jakarta Struts Wiley, 2002 (ISBN 0471213020) USA UK BN

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